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Dice Football - for whom?
What is Dice Football?
History and Ownership
The Patron: Mart Poom

Dice Football is a board game for the whole family. You can play 1 to 1 or as a whole team against another. This game imitates almost all of the known elements of a real football game: goal shots, passing, corner kicks, dribbling through opponents defenses, offside, penalty kick, curing injuries off court, own goal, empty shot and also yellow and red cards are not missing. Even the dice itself imitates the ball, it is a complete sphere. The most attractive and original parts of this game are goal shots and defense of the goal.

Everything is not up to the dice in this game but also anticipation of the defense. The situations vary very fast and unpredictable situations make Dice Football a fast-paced entertainment. When both sides are familiar with the rules included the game can begin. One match lasts about 10 minutes. This is great fun for the whole family!

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