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Dice Football - for whom?
What is Dice Football?
History and Ownership
The Patron: Mart Poom

The Dice Football was invented by Indrek Schwede in 1985.

„I got the inspiration by the game Monopoly,” says Indrek Schwede. „For many of the players Monopoly took too long time to play and at a certain point the winner became so obvious that the others simply lost their interest and motivation. My intention was to create a game which would be not so time consuming (15 minutes max) and the results of which would be forecastable or unpredictable. First copy of the game was a simple drawing by me.” In 1995 the first printed version by printing house of the game was published and followed by an updated version with new layout in 1998. The new version was financially assisted by the most successful football club in Estonia – FC Flora Tallinn, the club received an advertising space on the game board. The club also sold the game in its own store.

The third edition of the game was published in May 2006 by a company Schwede Games Ltd. All rights reserved.

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